News Release #1

By Brenda Seppo

May 26, 2010


COMPASS Christian Business Alliance is proud to announce a very special national recognition and award for one of its members: Beacon Home Care.

Kimberly Hibbard RN & Tamara Weber RN, owners of Beacon Home Care, were chosen to receive the “Compassionate Care Entrepreneurs of the Decade” award from the International Center for Compassionate Care in Washington, D.C. The award was presented on May 6, 2010 by Debra Townsend, CEO & President of The International Center for Compassionate Care.

Beacon Home Care - Port Huron MIchigan
Kym Hibbard (left) and Tam Weber (right) with Compassionate Care President Debra Townsend (center).

This award recognizes unique individuals who demonstrate compassionate care which extends beyond the walls of the workplace. The Executive Leadership Team within the International Center will mentor the award winners and honor Kym and Tam at a variety of national institutes and galas throughout the next 3 years.

Along with the award & recognition – Kym and Tam will have the honor of traveling around the country over the next 3 years to teach and mentor groups of nursing professionals – empowering and equipping them to establish healing and compassionate work environments.

Tam Weber has served as the President of COMPASS Christian Business Alliance for the last 5 years. The purpose of COMPASS Christian Business Alliance is to encourage and build relationships among Christian business leaders in the Blue Water Area to positively influence our community, and raise a standard of excellence for Christian business leaders. The COMASS Christian Business Alliance website is found at COMPASS is a division of Operation Transformation. For more information, or to get put on the COMPASS mailing and/or e-mail list, please call Abby at 810-966-8660.

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